I asked the Lord a question….

I asked the Lord a question recently about traveling as a minister and the importance of it. I did this because I felt he was about to send me out, but I wanted to make sure my motives were right.  Did I want to go because that’s what ministers did?  Is it what you do when you get to a certain place in your ministry?  Or is this what God had truly planned?  Why me? Why not just raise someone up who’s already there, who has the same gifts I do?  And that’s where I found my answer, I was looking at this from a perspective of a box–putting ministers in a box of their gifts, anointings and such.  This kind of minister in box one and then another kind of minister in box two, and so forth.  I had even put myself in a box and decided there were many like me in that same box.  The thing is, you and I are completely different and uniquely made.  There is no one else on the planet that carries the keys God has put inside of me.  Think of it like art.  Two people could both paint an image of a tree.  One might do it to the exact replication, photographic image, while the other does more of an abstract tree.  There are people that are going to respond to one artist over the other.  Both are talented, gifted and needed.  And there are no two artist that create the same exact work.  God did not create anything the same.  Not even two snowflakes are the same.  We are all individually, uniquely, and fearfully made.  So, therefore God may need to take me or you to a different town, state, or even country to deposit and give them the gifts God has put inside of me or you.  There are people in that place that may not have responded to the creation God has already placed there and they need you.  You are the only person on the planet that carries the combination of gifts, anointings, keys, breakthrough that you have, and God created you for this exact time in history to take those to others.  You are the one carrying what is needed.  Run with it and let God use you in amazing ways.