Ministry in Prayer has touched my life in such a deep, permanent way!

I come from a background of abuse, neglect, and multiple traumas. I felt hopeless and lost. I had been saved since I was a small child and raised in a strict, religious home as a preacher’s kid.

When I met Brenda, I was broken, separated from my husband and jobless. Two summers prior, I had attempted suicide. I was lost and not sure how to talk to God. I thought God hated me. I thought God had turned His back on me. I was referring to myself as “God’s joke.” I was clueless how to hear God so I could follow His plan for my life.

I was introduced to Brenda and Ministry in Prayer through a friend.

In the very first session, in the first few minutes, Brenda had coached me through prayer in which I walked directly into the presence of a wonderful, amazing, loving Father God and His Son, Jesus.

Four months later, I am becoming more healed and whole daily. I have a beautiful, personal relationship with my Heavenly Father, Jehovah God.

God has never failed me. I have learned that He has never left me, never hated me, never turned His back on me! Every need is met! God is faithful, and I have the joy, peace and contentment that I had prayed so long for!

Thank you, Ministry in Prayer and Brenda, for your faithfulness in serving our great God and reaching out to help others, leading them into a relationship with God.”



I first met Brenda about 5 years ago. A short time after that we began meeting every week to pray together. We later had 2 other women join us and we have met every week now for the last 3-4 years.

I soon learned that Brenda had a heart to set people free. We had both studied spiritual warfare and desired to see people set free.

Brenda has studied intensively from 2010 to 2016 Charles Kraft, Ana Mendez Ferrel, and Peter & Doris Wagner. She has also gone through part of the SOZO course, which I own, so is somewhat familiar with it.

Brenda established “Ministry in Prayer”, a one on one ministry of inner healing and deliverance in 2015. Prior to that and after that we ministered together in deliverance. I have worked with many people in deliverance and I have never worked with anyone with such an anointed skill set. She has a love for people, she has so many tools because of her training to be a counselor, she has learned many paths to use to work with people to get them set free, and most of all, she can hear the Holy Spirit. Brenda has a prophetic anointing and a fine tuned ear and “picks up on” things that many miss. She is so kind and gentle, that people trust her easily.

I have personally gone through 3 different studies on spiritual warfare including SOZO. My husband and I are former pastors of Faith Covenant Fellowship in Plano, Texas. We are now assistant pastors at Life Central in Plano, Texas. Both are non-denominational Pentecostal churches.”



This ministry has been such a blessing in my life, and the most effectual tool in my journey to more freedom! Brenda has faithfully, with great discernment and wisdom, helped me identify spiritual areas of weakness and shown me how to gain freedom. I trust Brenda and thank God for her; she hears the Lord and is obedient in facilitating true deliverance and healing.”



I’ve been receiving ministry and counsel from Ministry in Prayer for almost two years now. I was a guarded and unsure at first but quickly came to trust Brenda and the process. Her reliance upon the Holy Spirit to direct each session is clear and comforting. I am experiencing so much more freedom, joy, and lightness within myself — there’s a new clarity about who I am in Christ as a result of our conversations and prayer. She has been used greatly by God in my life not only to intercede on my behalf but as a teacher, equipping me with the tools to stand on God’s promises and use the authority given me by Christ to thwart the enemy’s nasty schemes! Thank you Brenda!”



I have known Brenda since the spring of 2012. When she first started coming to our ladies bible study I was struck by her inner peace and wisdom in every situation. It wasn’t long before I asked her to co-lead the study with me and not long after that she was teaching the bible study. Brenda has studied the bible thoroughly and really loves the Word of God.

Brenda has helped me through many personal struggles in the last few years. In some areas I have received big break through and in others I am still praying and believing for breakthrough. One of the things she helped me with right away – she could see I had “head” knowledge of the Holy Spirit but not “heart” knowledge. Even though I had accepted Christ as a child and rededicated my life as an adult – I wasn’t plugged into the Holy Spirit. I was trying to fix myself and not open to the assistance of the Holy Spirit. Brenda prayed with me and for me that the Holy Spirit would take over my life. That has totally happened!! There are times when I get off track, but His guiding light it always there for me!

Brenda has been such an amazing friend and prayer partner. When we pray together I feel the presence of the Lord – it is so powerful. I wish I could pray with her every day! My personal prayer life has become much deeper as a result of praying with Brenda. One of the things that I truly admire and appreciate about Brenda is that she walks in love with people. She sees people’s hearts and sees them the way the Lord sees them. She meets them where they are at with no judgment – just love for who they are and where they are at on their walk. She has given me a living example of what it looks like to walk in love.

Brenda is very plugged into the Holy Spirit as a result she is very insightful about people and situations. Hence the wisdom she is able to walk in. I am so appreciative of her friendship and guidance in my life. At the time I met her I was struggling in several different areas and while I haven’t fully arrived yet – I have the Holy Spirit’s guidance and I am on my way.”



My mom was diagnosed with dementia, and for a dozen years I watched my mom lose her ability to communicate, her independence, and her mobility. As I cared for her without hope for her recovery, I was afraid I would be next.

I worried I would get dementia and lose everything. If I said a word wrong, or when I had a hard time thinking clearly, I thought it was an early symptom. I was concerned that my daughter would need to take care of me. Whenever the phone rang, I thought it would be more bad news. I slept a lot to cope with feeling fear and hopelessness.

I didn’t get dementia, I got breast cancer, and that is when I realized how much fear had taken deep root in me. I asked Brenda to pray with me. I wanted to get at the root of it.

Brenda led me through the steps of deliverance in her living room. I remember that while we were praying my ears started to itch, and a few minutes later I had the sensation of fear literally crawling out my ears. It was gross, and it seemed to me that fear was going out the way it came in, because how many lies had I listened to and let settle in me?

After that, whenever a lie popped in my head again, I countered it with God’s truth. I haven’t struggled with fear since then. I was able to go through a year of breast cancer treatment without fear! I stayed confident in God’s promises, and I have seen God do miracles in my life. I am so grateful for Brenda’s help and Christ’s freedom.”



Brenda listened without interruption (when I am sure she would have liked to). Then she helped me to face the truth no matter how hard it was for me to hear. She followed the Holy Spirit and showed me my reflection. I was able to see the plank in my own eye. I was humbled. Humility has unlocked unconditional love in me.

Love never fails and the cell door is opened and I am free to go. No more tormenting thoughts of injustice and self-pity. I am free from my sin and able to forgive. I feel clean again.”